Research and Commercial Projects

Research projects

  • Metrology infrastructure for support of the intelligent power grid, Croatian Science Foundation project IP-2019-04-7354, 2019-2023 (ongoing)
  • SMARTGRID METROLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT - Croatian Science Foundation project, 2015-2019 (R. Malarić, H. Hegeduš, M. Jurčević, P. Mostarac
  • "Internet enabled measurement and calibration" – Scientific project of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology 2007-2011 (R.Malarić, M.Jurčević, H. Hegeduš, P.Mostarac)
  • “Development of doctoral studies in metrology“, coordinator for the University of Zagreb (EU-TEMPUS 158599 project 2010-2012; R.Malarić, H. Hegeduš, M.Jurčević, P.Mostarac)
  • „Extracting electric energy from human body for supplying autonomous biomedical devices and new PVDF transducer optimization“ (Croatian-Italian bilateral project, 2010-2011; R.Malarić, H. Hegeduš, M.Jurčević, P.Mostarac)

Commercial projects

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of traffic flows on public roads using drones (partners Hrvatski telekom, Hrvatske autoceste), 2020-2021.
  • supervision of TETRA communication system installations (MUP, HAC), 2019-2021
  • NTP.HR - Public Stratum-1 NTP Service (2019)
  • supervision of DATEX II / ITS system implementation at HAC and ARZ, 2018-2021
  • support for Study on the development of electronic toll collection system in the Republic of Croatia, (Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of Republic of Croatia, IDOM, World Bank), 2018-2020