New course starting from 2021/2022 (winter semester): Development of software solutions for Industrial IoT systems

Course offers students the opportunity to learn about IIOT solutions, industrial communication protocols for the exchange of process data in real-time applications for visualization and industrial process control as well as the concept of a digital twin. Students will learn to apply next-generation development platforms used in industrial environments. Basic and advanced concepts of development and scripting of SCADA system functionality in Python, JavaScript and cloud/edge computing technologies will be covered.
In addition, the possibilities of integration of advanced technological concepts (augmented and mixed realities) and the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in technological processes and industrial plants will be presented.

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IoMT research workplace

LDM/REM Lab provides new workplace for research of LoRaWAN and other IoT and IoMT (Internet of Measurement Things - IoMT) applications.

Using different funding sources a number of components and sensors were acquired, operational LoRaWAN network and standalone Wanesy LoRaWAN server were launched in May 2020.

We welcome students interested in research activities and industry partners for research cooperation.

Author: Marko Jurčević

An auxiliary remote teaching system that provides remote access to laboratory equipment and computers was developed in March 2020 at the LDM / REM Remote Metrology Research Laboratory.
RemoteLAB enables remote access to measuring devices and computers at the Department of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Measurements and is used in the course Metrology Fundamentals and Measurements in Technology Systems.

Author: Marko Jurčević

The portal NTP.HR was launched in December 2019., which provides Stratum-1 Internet time-distribution service via the NTP protocol. This service will be provided and maintained by the LDM/REM Lab personnel with the support of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Starting from March 2020, it became a part of the project NTPPOOL, virtual cluster of timeservers providing reliable easy to use NTP service for millions of clients worldwide.

Author: Marko Jurčević
Donation of MEINBERG IMS equipment

Company MEINBERG Funkuhren GmbH & Co. KG donated IMS - LANTIME M1000 Time and Frequency Synchronization Platform. Platform consists of several NTP/PTP (IEEE 1588-2008) modules, redundant power system and GNSS receiver option.

The donated equipment will be used for research work in the Laboratory, but also for the maintenance of the public NTP platform for time distribution,

We thank the company MEINBERG, who recognized the potential of our Laboratory, for this kind of support.

Author: Marko Jurčević